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Children’s Home Society Celebrates the Legacy of Ruth Eden Bailey

The 2nd Annual  Ruth Eden Bailey Scholarship Award winners announced.

Nine youth received $1,000 each to help with expenses to further their education. Four were unable to attend the ceremony. To hear the stories of these young people and why they applied for the scholarship was heartwarming, what a great way to celebrate Ruth’s work on what would have been her birthday. Ruth’s husband, son and daughter came to present the certificates and checks.



About the Scholarship

Beginning in 2022 the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia (CHSWV) has established the Ruth Eden Bailey Scholarship Fund to assist in the educational advancement of foster and adopted children. The Ruth Eden Bailey Fund was created in honor of Ruth and her lifelong work finding loving and caring families for children.

The Ruth Eden Bailey Fund was initiated through a gift from the 2021 Annual Ruth Eden Bailey Adoption Advocacy Award winner Robert (Bob) Noone and his wife, Beth Hughes-Noone.

One or more award winners will be selected annually and presented with an award of up to $1,000. The annual awards will be given in the month of July prior to Fall semester enrollment.

Youth attending the following institutions are eligible to apply for the scholarship funds:

  • Trade School or Technical School
  • Community Colleges or University

The funds awarded are to supplement or provide for:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Equipment – Lap Top/Computer
  • Books/Educational Materials



About the Honoree

Ruth Eden Bailey dedicated her life to helping children find lifetime families. She was a determined advocate and worked tirelessly to find foster and adoptive homes. Ruth loved working with her families and the children that came into care, she was mission driven and her passion inspired many. Ruth began her journey with Children’s Home Society in 1993 and spent the following three decades changing the lives of hundreds of West Virginia’s children. Ruth was always looking for ways to help support foster and adoptive families and thus she initiated the first CHSWV Foster Family Support Group. The foster family support group became significant in that it brought families together to share experiences, to be supportive during struggles and most importantly to celebrate with each other. Today CHSWV foster family support groups are organized across the state thanks to a special woman that was creative, passionate and enthusiastic. Ruth left a legacy of encouragement, love and kindness.