Council of Accreditation badgeThe Children’s Home Society of West Virginia is proud to have received accreditation by the Council on Accreditation of Services to Children and Families (COA). COA is the largest independent accreditation body for agencies providing mental health and social services to families, children and individuals in the Untied States and beyond.

Internationally respected and recognized, COA accreditation focuses on helping an organization grow stronger in terms of its governance, its management and its services. COA accreditation is an objective and reliable verification that our services qualify for your confidence and support.

Accreditation gives assurances to clients, the public, funding bodies, government agencies, other professionals in the community and to our volunteers that the agency meets rigorous standards and demonstrates that it:

  • has effective management,
  • is fiscally sound,
  • designs programs to meet community needs,
  • continually monitors and evaluates service quality,
  • employs well qualified staff, and
  • maintains safe and accessible facilities.

COA accreditation means that this agency cares deeply about its reputation as a provider of high quality services and wants others to know of that achievement.

For more information about COA and its accreditation programs, visit