Behavioral Support Specialist


Behavioral Support Specialist

Full Time and Hourly Positions Available at Youth Emergency Shelters Statewide

Full-time Benefits Include: Paid Time Off, Health Insurance including Health Reimbursement Accounts, Vision and Dental Insurance, Life and Disability Insurance, Supplemental Insurance Options, Retirement Plans, Tuition Assistance, Mileage Reimbursement.

Hourly Benefits Include: Vision and Dental Insurance, Supplemental Insurance Options, Retirement Plans, Paid Training Opportunities, Mileage Reimbursement.

What you will be doing:

Supervise youth to include monitoring of structured daily routines (i.e., provide structure for wakeup and bedtime routines, supervise home study program, supervise daily chores, implement behavior management to provide effective learning and daily living skills).

Provide programming, curriculum, creativity, resources, transportation, and homework assistance / tutoring to youth.

Engage and lead youth in group and individual games, recreation, sports, art projects, and cultural activities.

Provide meaningful observations of the youth, both oral and written, and make appropriate, accurate, and timely recommendations.

Provide documentation and contact notes for all encounters and activities of youth.

Assist others in assessing each youth’s individual needs in determining appropriate levels of intervention and recommendations on placement and treatment plans.

Possess knowledge of background and information regarding every child under care.

Supervise visits between youth and their families, as needed.

Cook, clean, wash clothes and other household and facility responsibilities in compliance with USDA, and other pertinent licensing agencies.

Provide minor first aid, ensure proper medical attention, and monitor medication schedules when needed.

Assist in providing a clean, nurturing environment.

Provide mentorship, support, and appropriate affection as a positive role model for youth.

Participate in program staff meetings and trainings as requested and offered.


What you will bring to the table:

Passion and determination.

Ability to be adventurous, creative, and open-minded.

Positive attitude and team oriented spirit.

Willingness to pursue growth and learning.

Strong problem solving skills and ability to multitask.

Desire to make a positive impact on the life of a child.


What you will need:

High School Diploma or GED.

Demonstrated ability to work with children, youth and families.

Valid driver’s license and automobile insurance coverage.

Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Registry Check.

Flexibility to work irregular shifts, including evenings and weekends.

Full Time