Welcome to IMail Web Messaging. IMail Web Messaging allows users to access their mail on the IMail Server system from any web browser on the Internet without needing a mail client. Users also have the ability to maintain an address book, create and manage mailboxes, use processing rules to process incoming mail, and change user settings.

The web administration features of IMail Web Messaging allow the system administrator to monitor the IMail Server system using a web browser on any remote system. It also allows administrators to perform system maintenance such as managing virtual hosts, aliases, and list server mailing lists from any web browser. In addition, IMail Web Messaging supports on-line advertising. This is beneficial for Internet service providers who want to display banner ads at the top of the IMail Web Messaging pages and sell on-line advertising space on their mail server. IMail Web Messaging administrators can further use .html templates to customize, by host, the look of the web pages where users access mail and edit their settings.


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