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SWEYES Capital Campaign

***Capital Campaign Alert***
For 40 years, the Children’s Home Society has been helping children in the Raleigh County community. The Cherry Hill Shelter opened in 1982 on C&O Dam Road in Daniels, WV, serving eight children ages 7 through 17. In 2004, the shelter became the Southern West Virginia Exceptional Youth Emergency Shelter (SWVEYES) with a 5 bed capacity.
The shelter focuses on meeting the needs of autistic children and children with developmental delays. At the time, it was the only shelter of its kind. SWVEYES continues to remain the only emergency child shelter in West Virginia that holds a criteria for children with exceptionalities which include; an IQ below 70, Axis II Diagnosis or Autism.
The SWVEYES staff help children learn communication skills, coping skills and how to become independent. During the last four years, the shelter has served forty-five youth for a total of 6,742 days of care.
Children placed at the SWEYES shelter come there due to severe behavioral and mental health issues. Our staff are trained to meet the special needs of these types of children. Due to limited beds, many children who need these higher level services have to be placed in other facilities that cannot provide the level of care they need most. Increasing the number of beds at our shelter would allow us to help even more of these children.
We’re asking for your help in meeting our goal of $750,000 for a new 10 bed SWEYES Shelter. We have currently raised over $274,000 towards our goal.
To learn more about the needs of the new shelter and to learn more about the Capital Campaign, please contact SWEYES Supervisor, LaAmy’a Manley at 304.255.0408 or [email protected]
If you would like to make a donation to the campaign, please use our paypal option below.

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To read more about the campaign, click the link below.

SWEYES Capital Campaign Information