MARCH , 2005

Charleston Area Monthly Training Schedule

Last Updated : Tuesday, 1 February, 2005

If you plan to use this schedule to enroll your staff, please select/highlight the schedule, and print it under the file command as "print selection." The schedule is also available to staff on the Intranet At Documents–>Staff–>Training–>Region II Monthly Training.


 Mar. 7  9:00 – 12:30  Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 7  1:30 – 3:00  First Aid  Davis  Out  
 TBA  Schedule
 w/ Julia
 Infant and Child CPR  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 8  9:00 – 5:00  Crisis Prevention Instititute ( CPI)  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 10  9:30 – 11:30  Medication Administration  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 10  9:00 – 4:00  Universal Precautions  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 16  9:00 – 4:00  New Directions:Social Learning (1-4)  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 17  9:00 – 4:00  New Directions:Social Learning (5-8)  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 18  9:00 – 4:00  New Directions:Social Learning (9-12)  Davis  Out  
 Mar. 22 &  23  9:00 – 4:00  
 Away From Supervision (Full Course)

 Davis  Out  
 Mar. 22
 9:00 – 1:00  Away From Supervision (Recert)  Davis  Out  

 Name_____________________________________ Date of Hire ________
 Site ______________________________________ Program___________

New Employee Training and Certification

All new employees of Children’s Home Society who provide direct services to children and families are required to complete the following before assuming charge of clients. Prior to completion, they must be working in the presence of fully credentialed staff. It is expected that the bulleted items will be completed within 30 days of the hire date.

    • Agency orientation and 20 hours of shadowing,
    • CPR (appropriate to the age of the client),
    • First Aid,
    • CPI (crisis de-escalation & passive restraint),
    • Universal Precautions/Blood-borne pathogens training, and
    • Medications Training.
    • Additionally,shelter staff must also be trained in Away from Suspervision within one month of hire.

Alll new direct service staff must be coached by a fully credentialed staff member.

Additionally, all staff must have 25 hours of staff development training per year and all staff must attend at least one external training for professional development each year.

The New Directions Social Learning course for Shelter employees is a professional development program leading to certificate status and is required to be completed within the first year of employment. New Directions Life Skills is an advanced course for youth care workers. This course is required for the Exceptional Youth Emergency Shelter staff.


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