Emergency Shelters

The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia operates nine shelters providing short-term and emergency care for youth in crisis. The program is designed to accomplish two basic purposes: to meet the child’s emergent need for residential care in a safe, supportive setting and to provide a period of time for the Department of Health and Human Resources and shelter staff to assess the child’s needs and develop the most suitable plan for continued care and protection.

A Resident’s Story:

Roy, a 17-year old with a disruptive home life, a contentious relationship with his mother and a "history" in the youth system, ended up in shelter care following charges for battery. Roy arrived at the shelter a year behind in school and in need of medical, dental and vision services in addition to his other problems.

Medical, dental and vision appointments were made for Roy. He kept the schedule and followed advice faithfully. At age 17, Roy began to consider his future seriously. He wanted to finish his GED and get a job. Discussions with Roy, his probation officer and his DHHR social worker helped put his plan into action.

Roy enrolled in GED classes and earned a job in a fast food restaurant. Roy thrived in his new environment and took pride in doing his job well. At the shelter, Roy consistently completed all his assigned chores, did extra chores to earn Wal-Mart credits and bought a bike for travel to and from work.

Just before his 18th birthday, Roy moved from the shelter to a foster home where he finished his GED. Following his birthday, he was able to rent his own apartment and traded his bicycle for a used car using money he earned. Roy is now engaged and plans to marry in the future.


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