Modifying Virtual Hosts

This page allows you to modify the settings for any existing virtual host.

  1. Select Virtual Hosts from Administrative Account Options.

  2. In the list box, select a host to modify. Click Modify.

  3. On the Modify Virtual Host page, the first two text boxes are not editable.

Editable Options:

  1. Sub-mailbox Creation.  This setting allows the administrator to specify what to do when a message arrives for a user and is addressed to a sub-mailbox which does not exist. Select one of the following actions:

  2. Enable any of the following options: The following options apply for the entire domain.

  3. Select the connection type. The following options apply for the entire domain.

Note: If the default domain is set to Force SSL, all virtual domains will also be restricted to using SSL. This is because the login page is based upon the default domain’s settings. However, if a virtual domain is set for Force SSL there will be no impact on other virtual domains or for the default domain.


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