Server Black Lists

This page allows you to add, edit, and delete server black lists. All black lists that are currently configured for the server are displayed here. Server black list information is stored in the spamblkm.txt file which is located in the IMail top directory. For a list of the black lists that are configured by default,  see Pre-configured Black Lists.

Note: Only black lists that are configured and enabled on this page are available for use by a host.

Working with Server DNS Black Lists

Display Labels:

Name.  The display name that is used to identify the blacklist at the server and host levels, and in log files.

Server. The domain name or IP address of the DNS server to contact for black list queries. When an asterisk (*) is entered, the default IMail Server DNS is used for Black List queries.

Query Domain. The domain to query. This name usually matches the server domain name. However, sometimes a black list will contain multiple zones to query on the same server. When this happens, the server name and the query domain will be different.

Type.  The type of lookup that the black list performs. Select one of the following types:

Enabled. If the black list is enabled, Yes will be displayed, meaning that the black list can be used by hosts. If the black list is disabled,  No will be displayed, meaning that the black list cannot be used by hosts.

TCP/IP First.  Identifies black lists that require the use of TCP to query the black list.

Note: It is up to the administrator to know whether each black list uses UDP or TCP protocol.


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