The IMail Web Messaging search feature allows you to search a single mailbox or all your mailboxes for a specific word or phrase.

  1. On the Main Menu page or on the Mail Summary, click Search.

  2. Enter your search phrase. If you are looking for a name or User ID, enter it. (Examples: [email protected]; Fred Farkle; Arnold). If you want to search for a word or phrase, enter that (Examples: beignets, New Orleans cafe). Multiple word entries are considered a phrase, you do not have to enclose the phrase in quotation marks. For example, the entry, New Orleans cafe, will search for messages that contain that phrase; it will not search for messages that contain just the word Orleans or just cafe.

  3. Select the area to search. You can search for a name or user ID by the recipient (To) or the sender (From). You can also search the Subject line or the Message Body for the occurrence of a word or phrase.

  4. Select the mailbox(es) that you want to search.

  5. Click Search to search the selected mailbox.

Search Results

The Search Results lists all messages that meet the search criteria. To view a message in the list, click on it.

If you want to view the results of the previous search, click Last Search.