Phrase Filtering

Phrase filtering searches for specific spam phrases within the body of an e-mail and takes the action that you specify. This page allows you to enable/disable phrase filtering for the current host, create and maintain the host specific phrase list, and specify an action to take when an e-mail message contains one of the phrases. Phrases are stored in the phrase-list.txt file which is located in the host’s directory. The Phrase list box displays the contents of the current phrase list.

Enabling Phrase Filtering

  1. Select Enable Phrase Filtering (selected by default) to enable the phrase filtering options on this page. If this option is cleared, all options on this screen are disabled.

  2. Select the action you want to accomplish:

Adding Phrases to the Phrase List

Editing the Phrase List

Removing Phrases from the Phrase List

  1.  Specify what action to take if a message contains one of the phrases from the phrase list.

Note: You can obtain an example phrase.txt file from the Ipswitch website at

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