Mailbox Summary

This page shows the messages in the mailbox you selected. From this page, you can read your mail, move messages to another mailbox, or delete messages. You can set the number of messages that are displayed on the page.

How to Read the Summary

From: The sender of the message

Subject: Subject of the message, written by the sender. To read a message click on its subject. The following graphics will appear in the subject area:

Preview: A partial display of the body of the message. To enable or disable this option, go to Edit My Preferences and go to the Message Preview area.

Date: Date you received the mail.

Size: Size of the message, in bytes.

Sort Order. By default, messages are sorted by date, with the most recent message at the top. You can sort by From, Subject, Date, or size by clicking on the heading name. You can sort in ascending or descending order.

Selection boxes. Check boxes appear in the left-most column so that you can select multiple messages to move or delete.

Deleting messages. When you click the Delete button, all selected messages are deleted . Alternatively, you select Delete All to delete all messages without having to select each message. You can also click located next to each message for quick individual deletion.

Moving messages. When you click the Move to button, all selected messages are moved to the mailbox indicated. To change the mailbox displayed, select it from the list box.

Changing mailboxes. To view messages in a different mailbox, select the mailbox name from the list box at the bottom of the page and click Goto Mailbox. You can also use the mailbox links on the left navigation bar.

Note: The mailbox list box will only be displayed if you have configured more than one mailbox. Otherwise, on the left side of the screen click on the mail box name.


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