List Administration

If you have List Administrator permissions, you can create, modify, and delete list-server mailing lists for your mail host.

To create a list:

  1. In your Web browser, open  Web Messaging for your mail host and log on to your account.

  2. Select List Administration from Administrative Account Options. The List Administration page appears. If necessary, select a mail host.

  3. In the Name box enter a name for the list server mailing list; this name is the e-mail address that people who want to post to the list will send mail to. For example, if you enter the name "Birdinfo," users will send mail to the list by specifying the To address: [email protected]. The name must be from 3 to 23 characters in length, with no spaces between characters.

  4. In the Description box, enter a description of the list.

  5. In the Administrator box, enter the user ID of the person who will be the list administrator.

  6. Click Create. The List Parameters page appears.

To modify a list,

  1. Click Set, or click on the list name from the List Administration page.

  2. The List Parameters page appears.

To delete a list:

Click the Delete button next to the list.