HTML Feature Filtering

The HTML Feature filter searches the body of messages for HTML tags. Spammers often use HTML tags to hide text from spam filters. Using this page, you can select which HTML features you want to be considered indicators of spam. You also specify how many of the selected features must be found before an e-mail is identified as spam, and what action to take on such messages.

To Setup HTML Feature Filtering, do the following:

  1. In the list box, select which HTML features you want to search messages for, by selecting the check box located next to each feature. You can select from the following HTML features:

Nested Table

Invalid Tag


Mailto Hyperlink

Image Tag

Deceptive URL

Script Tag

Embedded Comment

Note: Feature filtering is disabled if no HTML features are selected.

  1. The number of selected features that must be detected before the HTML message is considered spam:_. Select the number of HTML features an e-mail must contain in order to be considered spam. Values

  2. From the ACTION list box, select one of the following spam actions to take on messages containing the selected HTML features:

  3. If you selected the Forward To action, enter an e-mail address into the ADDRESS text box. If no address is entered, messages will be sent to the root account and stored in a mailbox called bulk.

  4. Click Save to save your settings.

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