Host Black Lists

This page allows you to enable/disable the DNS black lists for the current host. The black lists that are displayed in the list boxes depend on which black lists are enabled for the server. Once a black list is enabled, it is displayed in one of the list boxes on this page. If a black list is not enabled for the server, it cannot be used by a host, and will not be displayed on this page. These black list entries are stored in the spamblks.txt file, which is located in the host’s directory.

Note: No black lists are enabled by default for a host. Each host administrator must enable them after installation.

DNS black lists are separated into two categories:

If you select Delete Message after X matches, the message will be immediately deleted if it matches X number of black lists plus the number of enabled verification tests. The value entered must not be greater than the number of black lists plus the number of verification options that are enabled. If you change this option, you must click Save in order for the changes to take effect.

Verification Settings. Select any of the following verification tests to perform on incoming e-mail messages. If a message fails any of the tests, an X-Header is inserted into the message. These verification settings are included in the count for the Delete Message after X matches option.

Note: These options are resource intensive and may slow down mail processing.


Enabling a DNS Black List

Removing a DNS Black List

Changing a DNS Black List Type (i.e. From Trusted to Standard)

Display Options:

Name.  The display name for the black list that is used in log lines to identify the black list entry. This name does not have to correlate to the actual name of the black list. 

Server.  The domain name or IP address of the DNS server to contact for black list queries.

Query Domain. The domain to query in the zone file of the black list. This name usually matches the server domain name. However, sometimes a black list will contain multiple zones to query on the same server. When this happens, the server name and the query domain will be different.

Type.  Identifies the type of lookup that the black list performs:


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