Suspended Accounts

User accounts can become suspended in two ways:

  1. An administrator can disable an account by selecting the Account access disabled option for the user account in IMail administrator.

  2. An account will also be suspended if the user fails to login with the correct ID or password. (The length of time that a user is suspended is dependant on the User Login Suspend settings in IMail Administrator). If a user account is suspended due to unsuccessful login attempts, they will receive a message on the login page that says "Suspended User Account. User account is suspended".

From Web Messaging, an administrator can view all accounts that have been suspended or disabled by selecting User Administration from the Administrative Options menu, and then clicking on the Suspended Accounts link.

The top of the page displays the domain name, the number of suspended accounts and the number of disabled accounts. The rest of the page displays the following information:

Note: Disabled accounts are distinguishable from suspended accounts because a red dot will be displayed to the left of the User ID.

Enabling An Account

Once an account has been suspended, it can only be reactivated by an administrator. To enable an account, select the check box located to the left of the User ID, then click the Enable button. This will enable both disabled and suspended accounts. If you want to enable all of the accounts that are displayed on this page, click on the selection box located next to the word User ID. Selecting this box will automatically select all of the accounts displayed on the page. Finally, click the Enable button.