Work Incentives

Competitive Salary

Your time and skills are valuable, and we strive to reflect this in our pay scales. We offer a generous benefit package for qualifying employees and evaluate salaries and benefits annually to ensure that our employees are well-compensated and their commitment is honored

Bonuses and Raises

We believe that hard work and dedication deserves to be recognized. In this spirit, we strive to provide bonuses and raises to outstanding employees as finances allow.

Mileage Reimbursement

If you need to use your personal vehicle to transport clients or while doing business on behalf of CHS, we’ll make sure you’re properly reimbursed! Other expenses that may be reimbursable will be discussed during your orientation.

Recruitment Bonus

We love seeing our team grow! CHS employees will receive a $500 bonus for each new staff member they recruit. Full-Time Employee: The new recruit must work for the agency for 160 full time hours, or 80 hours for hourly staff, and still be employed with CHS at the time of request form submission.

Loan Forgiveness

Paying off student loans? As an employee of a non-profit agency, you may qualify for federal student loan forgiveness through programs of the federal government.