Keep Growing

Tuition Assistance

We’re fully on board with our employees pursuing further education—and want to help make it possible! We encourage employees to further their education through tuition support for Bachelor and Master of Social Work programs, associate degree programs related to youth care, and relevant degrees in other areas. Full-time employees are eligible to receive assistance with formal education expenses. Once approved for the program, the agency will pay 90% of tuition costs for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Social Work and 75% of a bachelor’s degree in an approved, related field.

Internships and Training

The employment of caring, well-trained, qualified, and highly-motivated employees is, above anything else, what allows us to ensure the high-quality care of our clients. For this and other reasons, we are committed to the continued professional development of our employees. Continuous learning is provided through in-service training as well as opportunities for participation in workshops, conferences, seminars, and more. Additionally, employees who desire to do so are able to complete their college-level field placements and other internships with CHS. Employees may be eligible to complete eight internship hours weekly at the Society during their regularly-scheduled 40-hour work week.

Supervisory Support and Guidance

As an employee of CHS, you will have the opportunity to be supervised and mentored by recognized leaders in the field of child welfare. We ensure that all our employees have the knowledge they need to thrive and excel in their roles and prioritize continued opportunities for professional growth. It’s also important to us to provide recognition and appreciation for a job well done and to cultivate and maintain a work environment characterized by dignity, courtesy, equitable treatment, and respect.

Social Work Licensure Assistance

CHS is an approved employer through the WV Board of Social Work for provisionally licensed Social Workers. Required licensing supervision is provided by the Society, and tuition assistance is available for the academic coursework needed to obtain full licensure. CHS provides for the cost of the social work licensing examination, social work and clinical license renewal, and continuing education needed to maintain licensure.