Enjoy Time Off

Paid Time Off

CHS provides full-time and part-time employees with paid time off (PTO) for such activities as vacations, holidays, personal business, family concerns, bereavement, or illness. Variable employees are not eligible for PTO.

Extended Sick Leave

Extended Sick Leave (ESL) is an option should an employee need it. Full time staff that have accrued ESL days can use these to be paid during an extended, non-work related illness or injury. PTO must be used during the first five scheduled working days of the illness. If an employee does not have five days of PTO, then unpaid days must be taken to fulfill the five day requirement.

Flexible Scheduling

CHS recognizes that issues occasionally arise in one’s personal life that require accommodation at work. We do our best to offer flexible scheduling for doctor’s appointments, child activities, school activities, and family emergencies.