Children’s Home Society of West Virginia
Board of Directors 2003-2004

Officers :
Stephen P. Dexter Chairman
John Lukens 1st Vice Chairman
Sally K. Richardson 2nd Vice Chairman
W.I. “Bill” Hairston Secretary
Stephen W. Drake Assistant Secretary
William M. Ellis, Jr. Treasurer
Joseph E. Raymond Assistant Treasurer

Directors :
Jon Amores H. Stan Cavendish
Tammy Anderson Patricia Clay
Rita M. Brown Ana Davis
Pamela Sumpter Cain Thomas A. Heywood
Anne Bright Campf Thomas A. McHugh
Donald T. Caruth David Pitchford
Joseph P. Cardullo H. Keith Spears

Directors Emeritus :
Gregory W. Bailey Jane C. Smith
Margaret P. Bishop Matthew D. Smith
John Bowyer Reed Spangler
George M. Ferrell Patricia H. Sutherland
Russell P. Hill Nancy S. Tonkin
Clarence A. “Bud” Lawson, Jr. Stephen D. Wehrle
Patricia P. O’Reilly

In Memoriam
James R. Nuzum
1927 – 2003
Board Member, 1975 – 2001
Director Emeritus, 2001 – 2003


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