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Alliance for Children

The Alliance for Children exists to bring together the resources and expertise of West Virginia 's leading children and family services organizations to create a comprehensive statewide network of care.


Member Agencies

Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth & Family Services (MANY)

The Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth & Family Services (MANY) is a regional network whose purpose is to help built the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities that are committed to innovative alternatives for the development of youth at their families. MANY builds bridges between traditional approaches and new practices and technology. It is a catalyst for training and continuous learning, and facilitates linkages between resources, cooperative relationships and effective partnerships. It offers consultation services and technical assistance to the region. MANY has been a source for experts in the field for Children Home Society annual training conferences and staff development workshops since 1998.



The Children's Home Society of America

The Rev. Martin Van Arsdale encountered a young girl at a "poor farm" in Illinois who asked him to "find a family with a mommy and daddy." This plea changed the direction of his life toward saving lives and building hopeful futures for all children in need. Subsequently, the first Children's Home Society was organized in 1883 to serve children in crisis.

Rev. Van Arsdale's vision was for a national association with each state receiving support under his agency's charter. In the first year Rev. Van Arsdale and his volunteers placed 52 children with families.

By 1897 there were 23 states as part of a legal federation known as Children's Home Society. The members of Children's Home Society reached its peak in 1916 with 36 states.

At one time or another member states spanned America from New York to California , all meeting the unique demands of the populations of their respective state. National annual meetings were held between 1902 and 1939 where the member states would share the needs within their communities, examples of programs, and learn from each affiliate what types of services worked best. Even though each state across America was meeting different needs, the common mission was to find 'homes for the homeless', 'protect children from harm', and to 'help parents become better parents'.

Children's Home Society of West Virginia has joined this effort to bring national recognition and support to the work of the Home Society throughout the United States .

National Council For Adoption

     NCFA has been a champion of adoption since its founding in 1980. Whether as an advocate for state laws that promote sound adoption policy, a resource for federal officials and policymakers about appropriate federal adoption initiatives and reform, a diplomat for sound international adoption policy, or a source of adoption facts and education, NCFA is devoted to serving the best interests of children through adoption. Learn more about the ways in which NCFA works to promote the positive option of adoption.

Foster Family-Based Treatment Association

The Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA) is committed to enhancing the lives of children with families through strengthening family-based organizations.

The Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA) is an agency-led organization of treatment foster care providers established in 1988 with an initial purpose of defining and refining Treatment Foster Care practices. The Association’s membership is composed of agencies throughout North America currently operating treatment foster care programs. Organizations that are not direct service providers, but have an interest in the field, hold affiliate membership status. FFTA is assisted by recognized researchers and policy-makers in the fields of child welfare and mental health.


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