Summersville, WV

Kathleen & John Faltis Child Shelter
477 Scenic Highway
Summersville, WV  26651
Phone: 304-872-8190
: Katherine Wood, Shelter Supervisor

Summersville Foster Care Office
402 Church Street
Summersville, WV 26651
Phone: 304-205-9375
: Suzanne Gunter


How to Get There:

Route 1, Box 90, Summersville. From Route 19, take the Muddlety exit. If you’re southbound on 19, turn left at the end of the exit, for northbound traffic turn right. At the next intersection, turn right on Route 55 (toward Craigsville). The shelter is on the left in the middle of a long straight stretch, about ¼ mile out Route 55. Look for a flat-roofed brick building that looks like a small elementary school.

Services available through the Faltis Shelter include:
Emergency Shelter Services


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