Romney, West Virginia

Staff picture was taken on May 20, 2015.  Pictured:  front left to right:  Donna Wilkinson, Administrative Assistant, Gail Powers (YCW), next row:  Rachel Norton (YCW), Jean Berg (YCW) and LaDara Denmark(YCW).  Third row:  Ashley Dunlap, Shelter Supervisor, Sally Johnson, Site Manager, Jackie Cavanagh, Social Worker, Joyce Horn (Relief YCW) and Barbara Bewley (YCW).  Back row:  Victor Denmark(YCW), Jordan Barnes (YCW), Jami Cox, Permanency Social Worker, Butch Rayner (YCW), Nola Rounds (Relief YCW), Deb Faircloth, Shift Supervisor, Rosemary Arnold (YCW)


Services available through the Romney Shelter include:
Emergency Shelter
Foster Care

Services available through the Romney Office include:
Child and Family Services

Foster Care

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