Beckley, West Virginia

The Southern West Virginia Exceptional Youth Emergency Shelter
P. O. Box 361
Daniels, WV 25832
Phone: 304-255-0408
: The Southern West Virginia Exceptional Youth Emergency Shelter

Will Perkins , Director

How to Get There:

Cherry Street, Daniels. From Route 19 in Daniels, turn onto C&O Dam Road (left if northbound on 19, right if southbound). Follow C&O Dam Road for slightly less than a mile, then turn left on Cherry Street. Cherry Street heads straight up the hillside for a short distance, then turns sharply left at a 90 degree angle. After a short straight stretch, the street angles 90 degrees back to the right. The shelter is the third house on the right after this second curve. Look for a split-level variegated brick house with a sliding glass door lower level entry near the front on the downhill side. There’s a basketball court right past the house.



Helping Keep Our Earth Green

The Southern West Virginia Exceptional Youth Emergency Shelter is doing its part to “Keep It Green”. This year we partnered with Operation Sherry’s Sweep, a program of the Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce. Shelter staff spent several hours on October 4 th walking the roads in our community picking up road side trash. We are committed to keep our Earth clean and green for future generations.

We Are Not Playing Around

When it comes to the care of West Virginia Children, we are not playing around, but we are certainly playing games. This year the Southern West Virginia Exceptional Youth Emergency Shelter teamed up with Charcon, Charleston Gaming Convention to raise money and get board games to be utilized at our shelter.  The Charcon Convention held a board game drive and the good folks at The Landing Zone donated all the proceeds from a video game tournament to CHS. Below is a little information about each of these wonderful groups.   

The Landing Zone
The Landing Zone was created to be the ultimate in video gaming experiences. Baxter Mallory and Robyn Delk offer a portable video game. They are available for books for events including weddings, birthday parties, and charity events. They offer video games and video games systems in all varieties, including the latest titles.  Click here for a link to there site.

Charcon is West Virginia premier annual gaming convention including board games, role playing games, live action role playing games, card games, and miniature games. This family friendly convention is a fun event in which people can take part in their favorite games and learn new games in a friendly atmosphere. Click here for a link to there site.



Services available through the The Southern West Virginia Exceptional Yourth Emergency Shelter Shelter include:
Exceptional Youth Emergency Shelter (EYES)


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