S.T.E.P. is a holistic after school program designed to empower young people and help them reach their goals. This program is at no cost to participants, and there is no criteria for young people to join. It offers seven different components and young people have an opportunity to be exposed to various activities and projects:

The seven components are:
  • Education: daily homework help, remediation, and enrichment with trained teachers and tutors
  • Job Club: weekly exposure to the “world of work,” including earning stipends, opening bank accounts, exploring career choices
  • Self-Expression: weekly music, dance, writing, and drama workshops, young people can discover their talents and build self esteem
  • Medical and Dental care: connect participants with local medical/dental providers in the community
  • Lifetime Individual Sports: fitness program emphasizing sports that build self-discipline and can be played throughout life
  • Mental Health Services-weekly discussion groups led by lincensed social worker, individual counseling, family counseling, case management
  • Family Life and Sexual Education: weekly comprehensive, scientifically accurate sexuality education taught in age appropriate fashion


The program is no cost to participants and is open to 6th grade male and female students. S.T.E.P.’s goal is to work with the same group of young people until they graduate high school. For more information, please email us at step@childhswv.org or call our community organizer Jamie Rizzari at (304) 596-5507. S.T.E.P. begins September 12th and is located at South Middle School in Martinsburg, WV.




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