Foster Care

Foster Care provides a treatment environment for troubled children within the private homes of trained families. The approach combines the normalizing influence of family-based care with specialized treatment interventions, creating a therapeutic environment within the context of a supportive family home. We celebrate several of our foster homes converting to adoptive homes during this year. This process decreased our number of foster homes. However, we have added several new foster homes and have many more in the training process.

Become A Foster Parent

Follow this link for details on how to become a Foster Parent.

Follow this link for helpful tips on being a Foster Parent.


A Family's Story:

Carrie, a single mom, came home from work one day to learn from her boy friend that her 10-month old baby had a "dent" in his head and needed to go to the hospital. Following that hospital visit, the baby was removed from Carrie's home by Child Protective Services. Her second son, born soon after the incident, was removed as well.

The boys were placed in a CHS Foster Home with supervised visitation in place during Carrie's home improvement period. She knew they were safe and well cared for and, later, wrote,
"…The foster family that was given my children was nothing more than the best in my opinion. They have been very loving and have met every need of my two boys and for that I am truly grateful. Even though I would have preferred to have my babies at home with me, I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful family to keep my boys. I would like to thank them for loving my babies and being wonderful foster parents to them. My only problem with the whole situation is that they have become very attached to my boys and that soon, very soon, my babies will be home and they (the foster parents) will be heartbroken, and I know how they will be feeling, and I don't wish it on anyone…"

"50 States in 50 Days"

To bring awareness to the problems of youth aging out of foster care, musician Kevin Montgomery launched his 2010 "50 States in 50 Days" campaign. In each state visited, he interviewed someone whose life intersected with foster care. In West Virginia, Parkersburg's Steve Tuck represented foster care. The link to Kevin's interview with Steve is here.

During the year, the Society's Foster Care program provided 38,647 service days to children. 33 foster children were adopted by their foster families during this period.

To make a referral to the Foster Care program or to become a foster parent, please contact one of the CHS offices below. Foster Care services are available through offices in:


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