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The agency's Adoption Program provides services to children, birth parents, and adoptive parents. The program includes home studies, foster care, counseling, child placement, post-adoptive services and services to adult adoptees. The program is operated from offices in Charleston, Martinsburg, Morgantown and Princeton.  

A Family's Story...

Married as high school sweethearts, Bill and Donna Arnold's marriage had ripened and matured over 23 years. They've always dreamed of sharing their life and love with a child. The Arnolds had a strong network of extended family and friends, a beautiful home and solid security. They watched their friends all becoming parents and grandparents. Eight different couples chose them to stand as godparents. They tried not to become discouraged as multiple in-vitro fertilization efforts failed, time passed

and they remained childless. The Arnolds investigated adoption, applied to become adoptive parents and began their wait with confidence that regardless of their disappointments, when the time was right, their prayers would be answered in a positive way.

In fall, 2002, Bill and Donna took young Tim home to join the Arnold family and begin living their dream.

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Adoption Resource Centers

The West Virginia Adoption Resource Centers promote adoption, advocate for the adoption of special needs children, provide services to adoptees and/or their families and operate both an adoption library and an information/referral service of adoption related services.

A Family's Story...

Clifford and Rebecca Collins were married in June, 1970, and looked forward to having a family. But, by 1976, Rebecca needed a hysterectomy and plans for a family had to be revised. Rebecca said, "No one knows until they face this how your heart aches and it's very disappointing when you want a family and it seems all the doors are shut." Adoption became an option when Clifford and Rebecca completed their home study with the Society in January, 1976.

In July, 1976, Clifford and Rebecca received a call from the Society telling them there was a 7-week old baby girl waiting for placement with them. They came to pick up Angela without telling other family members. "…the family on both sides were thrilled for us. We will never forget the day and the pleasure that Angela brought to us. We enjoyed her so much and God has been so good to us."

Soon after adopting Angela, Clifford and Rebecca set their sights on a second child for their family. In August, 1983, 10-day old Christine joined the family.

Angela and Christine are close as sisters; both graduated with high honors from a Christian school and both are now married.

Rebecca adds, "I'm sure all adoptions don't turn out like ours, but I know by trusting in God, training your children in God's way, and being faithful to Him that he will give you abundant blessings and a joyful life that you could not otherwise receive."

Angela and Christine have extended this adoption story:
Angela: "…I have always known I was adopted, but to be honest I do not remember when my parents told me I was…Adopted children are not any different than anyone else. Growing up and even now…people cannot look at you and tell that you were adopted. When I was small I would tell my peers that I was adopted. They were like 'no way!' I was like 'Yeah, it is pretty neat, huh.' Everyone has always thought that I look like my dad and my sister looks like our mom.

My birth mother chose to put me up for adoption because 27 years ago she was very young and immature to raise a baby. I do not hold anything against her for her decision. If she had chosen another alternative, I would not be where I am today. I have a wonderful life and family. I have been married for five years to my wonderful husband, Allen. We have a great relationship and bond because he was also adopted. We were born in towns about an hour apart.…"

Christine: "I was born on August 21, 1983 to a couple that realized it would be better if I was given to someone else who could better take care of me. So they went to the Children's Home Society and put me up for adoption. My new parents…along with my new big sister, Angela, came to pick me up on August 31, 1983. They said I was a rather plump baby but they took one look at my little face and couldn't resist, they had to take me home with them.

They took me to both of my grandparents' houses as well as all of my aunts' and uncles' houses, just to show me off. Everyone made such a fuss over me. I was now the youngest of the family on both sides. On June 8, 1984, my new mommy and daddy legally adopted me. I was a Collins now.

I grew up in a wonderful family, full of a great and strong Christian atmosphere. I had the privilege of going to a Christian school for the entire time I was in school. Now I am in college…

My parents were always open with me about my adoption; they have always tried to answer any questions that I have asked. They are very wonderful people and I would not take anything for them or my adoption experience."


During the year, 45 children found permanent adoptive homes and 33 children were adopted by their foster parents.




To make a referral to the Adoption program, please contact one of the CHS offices below. Adoption services are available through the:
Charleston Office
Martinsburg Office
Morgantown Office
Princeton Office




During the year, the Adoption Resource Center provided post-adoption services to 205 families and individuals seeking information about adoption and foster care.


For more information about the Adoption process for children, birth parents and families, please visit our expanded Adoption pages here.

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