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CHS Board Member and long-standing WE CAN mentor and supporter, Dale Geiger along with his wife Mary Lu donated the beautiful hand-crafted dollhouse for the Princeton Children's Home Society to raffle as a fund raiser. We raised approximately $2400! Now for the second half of the Dollhouse story. The winning name was drawn on Saturday, December 20th at 6pm and the winner was Jean Klipa, a grandmother from Man, WV who was visiting with her daughter and grand-daughters in Bluefield, VA. The dollhouse was delivered to Jean that evening and was situated under the Christmas tree and after taking pictures and exclaiming how beautiful the dollhouse was, the family began to think about how and who would play with this new treasure. They unanimously proclaimed that the dollhouse needed a new family, a little girl who would enjoy playing and pretending, opening and closing the doors and windows, and any number of adventures. They asked staff if they knew of such a little girl.

As it turns out, and about at the same time as Jean and her family were looking for a little girl to pass the dollhouse onto, Victoria was bugging her soon to be adoptive mom to call CHS and find out if she was the winner. The mom, Nancy, explained that since they were not called then it meant that someone else was the winner. Victoria persisted as she really had her heart set on being the winner, so Nancy called and it was confirmed that someone else won the prize.

Victoria immediately came to mind as the very little girl who would cherish and play with the dollhouse for years and years and so it was decided then and there that the dollhouse was now Victoria’s. Staff called and left a message for Nancy that while Victoria’s name was not drawn, that she was indeed the new owner of the dollhouse.

Jean’s daughter and granddaughters were quick to volunteer to get the dolls and the doll furniture to go with the house. Everyone agreed that the best plan was to make the dollhouse a Christmas morning surprise, so Rondel, the Dad picked up the house, the dolls and the furniture from the Children’s Home on Christmas Eve and had them ready for Victoria to discover on Christmas morning. Victoria couldn’t believe her eyes and when Nancy explained how the dollhouse found its way to her, she and her brother Jarrod got busy writing thank you notes to Jean and her family.



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